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The Onventis Supplier portal is the supplier portal for the Onventis Cloud Procurement network – a quickly growing transactional procurement network for small and mid-sized companies. The Onventis Supplier portal helps suppliers recognize revenue potential in good time, and increase customer loyalty through consistent digital procurement processes. Don’t miss out on the revenue opportunities in the Onventis Cloud Procurement network.

Onventis Supplier Portal – How to get started

Onventis Supplier Portal –
How to get started

It’s this easy:

Starting in early 2018, suppliers with an existing login to the Onventis platform will be invited to register. Suppliers without an existing login to the Onventis platform can note their interest on the contact form.

Open a free account

You can create a profile page for your company in the portal. You can also create and administer logins for your employees.

Create your company and
user profiles

You can link your existing supplier logins for the Onventis platform to the Onventis Supplier portal with just one click.

Connect to
Onventis Buyer customers

You will receive notifications in your Dashboard about all requests from your linked customers and can access them directly.

Process inquiries and orders

I already have a supplier account on the Onventis Cloud Procurement platform

If you already have one or more supplier accounts on the Onventis Cloud Procurement platform, you can now administer them from the centralized access function of the new Onventis Supplier portal. The system conversion to the Onventis Supplier portal will not affect the existing order processing procedures with your customers within the Onventis Cloud Procurement platform. All existing catalog, open catalog interface (OCI), and electronic data interchange (EDI) connections will remain unchanged. Additionally, the new Onventis Supplier portal offers centralized user management for all registered employees from your company.

Are you a supplier who would like to integrate a catalog or a shop
at a Onventis Buyer customer?

Not a customer yet?

Reserve for the Onventis Supplier Portal here.


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